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1. Fuzzing of SCADA Protocols used in Smart Grids
Eugen Winter and Michael Rademacher
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2. Improving Microgrid Autonomy with Reinforcement Learning Electric Vehicle (Dis)Charging Algorithms
Kevin Shimotakahara, Arne Surmann, Robert Kohrs, Melike Erol-Kantarci and Karin Hinzer
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3. The impacts of propulsion technologies on a sector-coupled energy storage system with 100 % renewable energies
Tobias Riedel and Martin Zimmerlin
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4. Design of an Ultra-Low Power Sensor Platform for the Detection of Activities of Daily Living in Residential and Commercial Environments
Martin Camenzind , Patrick Huber, Andreas Rumsch and Andrew Paice
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5. Impact of prosumers on the accuracy of load forecast with neural networks
Roswitha Muff and Holger Wache
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6. Implementing Local Energy Markets – An IT-Architecture Design
Bent Richter, Armin Golla, Klaus Welle, Philipp Staudt and Christof Weinhardt
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Most Words Per Minute 7. Long-Term Electric Load Forecast for Urban Areas with an Energy Decomposition Model
Xuqian Yan, Anselma Wörner, Philipp Awater, Julian Monscheidt, Ben Gemsjäger and Verena Tiefenbeck
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Best Choreography 8. Agent-based Modeling of Consumer Participation in Demand Response Programs with the Consumat Framework
Judith Schwarzer and Dominik Engel
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9. A comprehensive framework for Smart Grid Simulation
Federico Rosato , Lorenzo Nespoli, Davide Strepparava and Vasco Medici
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10. Recognition and prediction of heat pump state of operation from smart meter data
Braulio Barahona, Andreas Melillo, Esther Linder, Jörg Wortlitschek and Philipp Schuetz
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11. [Doctoral Workshop] Applications of Non intrusive Load Monitoring in smart homes
Hafsa Bousbiat
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Best Poem 13. [Doctoral Workshop] Data Driven Detection of Malfunctions in Power Systems
David Fellner
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14. [Doctoral Workshop] Impact of ANN Heat Demand Prediction Errors on the Flexible Operation of CHP Systems
Malte Stienecker
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15. [Doctoral Workshop] Tracking CO2 emissions from power generation in high spatial and temporal resolution – Case study for the German electricity system
Jan Frederick Unnewehr
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16. [Doctoral Workshop] Evaluation of the Impact of Input Data Variations on Electrical Load Disaggregation
Jana Huchtkötter
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17. [Doctoral Workshop] Community Clustering Preventing Failure Cascades, A model and Algorithms to Design Resilient Smart Grid Coalitions
Marius Stübs
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